Always Do – [The Kid LAROI]

If you didn’t know by now that The Kid LAROI is a superstar, you must be intentionally avoiding his music. When he released Fuck Love this past summer, this fact was solidified even more than it was before, and even after some major guest verses with other artists, he hasn’t slowed down in the slightest. Luckily, he decided to gift fans with a deluxe version of this project which he entitled Savage, making it appear as if it’s a brand-new separate project in and of itself, and I can’t wait to run through it more than the singular time I already have.

One of the new songs that he delivered on this addition is called “Always Do”, a record that’s as catchy as it is emotional, yet LAROI seems to never fully finish revealing the heartbreaking relationships he gets into, with this record adding to the sorrow yet again. A slew of talented producers came together to bring the instrumental to life, using moving acoustic guitar licks, snaps, tapping hats, and clean, subdued drums that come together for a somewhat minimal beat that LAROI truly shines on, allowing his passion to take the brunt of the work.

On the hook, he displays some of his gritty, almost pissed-off bars that are sung with an attitude and assertiveness that truly captures your attention. In the first verse, he calms himself, almost whispering as he seems to be trying to hold back his emotions and not let them take over his message, but this doesn’t last long as he begins to slowly yet surely elevate the effort and enthusiasm that goes into each lyric he sings before truly unleashing all of his energy as his feelings completely take over.

He takes a similar approach in the second verse, although this time, he uses background layers to truly complement his main vocals, adding even more charisma and energy to the idea he is trying to get across. Throughout this record, LAROI talks about problems in his relationships, mentioning some of his own lies while also talking about how he thinks it’s time to move on and finally find someone new, although it’s clear that this is nothing new and he’s almost too used to having to do this.

As for the video that accompanies this hit, he teams up with renowned director Steven Cannon to provide a visual representation of the relationships he talks about in the song. It opens up on LAROI who is walking down a sidewalk on the side of a bridge, singing his lyrics as he seems to be contemplating the direction that some of his relationships are going in. The first change of scenery takes us to a shot where a girl is laying with her head in his lap as they joke around and flirt, seemingly getting close and acting innocently flirtatious. The next time we see him with a woman, it’s a different girl that he seems to be fighting with in a kitchen, and the camera work shakes and moves quickly amping up the anger and hostility that’s unfolding within the argument.

Finally, the last new girl we see him with is sitting on the side of the chair he’s lying in. While she seems to be fairly interested, the body and facial expressions he’s emitting give off the impression that he’s just sick and tired of the constant issues he has with these women. Finally, he ditches thee women and heads to the bar, where he grabs a drink alone and leads us out of the visual by giving us a literal representation of some of the lines he sings in the hook to bring things full circle.

While I can’t wait to dive even further into the additional tracks LAROI added to Fuck Love, it’s beyond clear after one listen that he wasn’t done expressing himself on the original version of the project, and I find it hard to believe that he’s anywhere close to finished in general. His messages are as relatable as they are frustrating which connects with fans on a more humanized, emotional level that helps admirers empathize with him more than many other artists in the industry. His visuals are always on point, with this one being no exception, and the way he brings his stories to life to represent his lyrics is always notable, to say the least. I’m beyond excited at the fact that we received a plethora of new LAROI songs on Savage, so make sure you check them out as well as the brand-new music video for his song “Always Do” as soon as you get the opportunity.