Alter Ego – [CEO Trayle]

A few months ago I was driving and accidentally dropped my phone underneath my seat, I probably had another fifteen minutes in the car before I got to where I was going and couldn’t reach under and grab it because it had slid all the way under. I was pissed. I didn’t really like the song I was listening to at the time and I knew I was doomed to get shuffled around until I reached my destination, but about two songs in I could have not been more ecstatic that this happened because of the song that was randomly played next from CEO Trayle entitled “Ok Cool” which is the ultimate breakup rap song but is not corny in the slightest and is rather incredibly heartfelt and well-written while building this intriguing persona that is CEO Trayle. He makes it known is a gangster first and foremost but is also hilarious and highly observant which are in many ways the perfect elements to creating a prototypical rapper. This song has definitely served as his breakout track to this point in his career but is definitely not even close to reaching its peak yet, but last week Trayle dropped his new mixtape¬†Happy Halloween 3 that gave a much more in depth look at the Bronx raised artist who moved to Clayton County, GA, which is just south of Atlanta, as a teenager.

He brought one of my favorite songs from the project to life in “Alter Ego” which is an up-tempo but reserved instrumental powered by a breezy acoustic guitar melody that Trayle is able to skate over with his conversational rapping style which bodes well for a track such as alter-ego that is essentially explaining his own personal dichotomy between “CEO” and “C4” Trayle which is the side of him as a rapper and businessman and oppositely as a person in the streets with a reputation to protect. CEO Trayle is a natural born storyteller and I am really excited to see what else has to come and learn more about his mysterious persona.