Altar – [LUCA]

Every now and then, my ears are blessed with a brand new offering from an emerging talent with superstar level potential. Let me tell you; Harlem raised artist LUCA is one of them. Prior to his newest release, “Altar,” I was blown away by the amount of quality I heard on “Serotonin,” which previously was his only song on streaming services. LUCA’s excellence revolves around his smooth indie vocals, which harmoniously fit over the most satisfying alternative production and/or electronic instrumentation. Releasing a single arguably better than (yet alone as quality as) “Serotonin” normally would be a difficult task, but as mentioned, LUCA is simply a superstar yet to be recognized. “Altar” employs phenomenal guitar instrumentation, an addictive bassline, and last but far from least, a masterful vocal performance from start to finish. The lyrics are heartfelt and memorable, as each line falls in accordance with the emotionally somber yet charming production. I can’t speak more highly on this track, and I absolutely cannot wait to hear a full-fledged project from LUCA in the hopeful near future. Listen to “Altar” below!