Already Won – [Rod Wave] ft. [Lil Durk]

Although Rod Wave might not be my personal favorite artist, I’m definitely not going to deny his very raw and obvious talents because every single song he puts out is a smash hit, and he deserves every single accolade he continuously receives. Just the way he is able to incorporate so much passion and sentiment into his lyrics is as good as it gets, and no matter what artist has been through similar struggles, no one seems to be able to fully encapsulate their pain and emotion in their music quite like Rod.

When he dropped his album Soulfly, he cemented his legacy in the music world, and that relic grew even stronger after he released nine more tracks on the deluxe version, further spreading his message to his fans no matter how new or seasoned they are to his sonic repertoire. One of the biggest songs regardless of the regular or deluxe version has to be “Already Won” featuring Lil Durk, and that’s why I was so excited to see what kind of magic he was going to bring to life in the brand-new Henry DaCosta-directed music video.

Opening up, various clips of Rod walking out on stage to ravenous crowds are shown before things quiet down, and a younger version of himself is shown in bed as a message is shared, expressing his desire of wanting to be the biggest dope boy in the world before seeing so many of his family and friends dead or in jail. When the song starts up, things are kept pretty simplistic as Rod stands in a dark room under a spotlight where he sings his lyrics with just as much expression on his face as he has within his deliveries.

Things remain consistent when Durk comes in, taking the stage as various lights rotate around the scene, keeping things minimal yet impactful for another unbelievable offering from Rod Wave. Whether you’ve had the chance to check out his album or not, the music video for Rod Wave’s “Already Won” featuring Lil Durk is an undeniable classic and something you’re going to want to see for yourself as soon as you can.