Already Dead – [Juice WRLD]

It’s never easy losing a loved one and having to say goodbye, but it can almost be even harder to say goodbye to one of your favorite musicians. Even though you may or may not have met them in person during their time here on Earth, so many artists wear their heart on their sleeve and reveal their innermost thoughts to the world through their music, and this can form a bond that can be even stronger than some of your bonds with family or friends.

As far as Juice WRLD is concerned, he put his entire self out there for fans to consume, never shying away from topics of depression, struggle, drug abuse, and various other topics of conversation, and this was something that reminisced with fans from the day he first started making music. While his loss was one of the hardest things that the music industry has gone through in the past number of years, his work ethic and all-around love for music left us with an entire catalog of songs that are as remarkable as he was as a person.

While I am torn about posthumous releases, I can’t deny the fact that I love listening to them because it gives a feeling of the artist watching over us as we tune in, so when I saw that Juice’s team released “Already Dead” as well as announced his upcoming album Fighting Demons that is set to release on December 10th, I had no choice but to get excited to hear his voice once again. In this track, Nick Mira and DT of Internet Money utilize touching piano keys, crashing percussion, and deep, thunderous 808s to give Juice an unbelievable foundation.

Once again, just hearing a new Juice track reminds me exactly just how unbelievably talented he was, and the naturally melancholic sound of his voice just consumes your attention, making this track one that is going to be pretty much on repeat until his next posthumous album is upon us. I honestly get a bit emotional when writing about such incredible artists who have been taken from us way too soon, and Juice is one of my all-time favorites, so as excited as I am for “Already Dead”, it comes with a feeling of sadness and sorrow. Nonetheless, I’m going to continue to support the late legend as we all are, so make sure you don’t miss out on this remarkable new release from Juice and his team below.