Almost Home – [AKTHESAVIOR]

Following a string of excellent singles, AKTHESAVIOR’s latest solo project Almost Home is officially here. The project follows his paired Blessings In The Grey mixtape series, which were released in 2014 and 2016 respectively. With fourteen total tracks, the offering features Beast Coast members Erick the Architect, Zombie Juice, Chuck Strangers, and fellow Underachiever Issa Gold. Other guests include Kenneth Cash, Mello, Willie B, Krystal Poppin, and Woodie Smalls. Equally impressive is the rostered production, with notable credits from Jay Versace, Powers Pleasant, Taleil Brown, Chuck Strangers, KingJet, Tyler Dopps and even Issa Gold. The gorgeous multi-colored cover art was shot by Krispy, with the style and direction executed by Toreno Winn. Sonically Almost Home offers a multitude of flavors ranging from drill (R.I.P SMOKE), R&B (Be Back Soon), neo-soul (Fu**-12), boom-bap (Ups & Downs) and more. Make no mistake, however; each and every track seamlessly transitions and meshes tremendously well to create a diverse yet structured body of work. Because of the sheer versatility displayed throughout, there is no issue of stylistic repetitiveness. Moreover, with a run time of roughly thirty-seven minutes, it’s not difficult to breeze through the project before replaying it all over again. In complete truth, there is not a single song worth skipping, and the project flows considerably well even when on shuffle. Performance wise, AK undeniably solidifies his position as an outstanding solo-artist, despite his larger known profile under The Underachivers. Thematically the project is unsurprisingly filled with motivational lyrics, as well as the familiar flare and confidence that makes AKTHESAVIOR’s flow so formidable. Furthermore, tracks such as “Fu**-12” featuring the incredibly gifted singer Mello beautifully expresses frustration toward racial injustice and the horrific outcomes caused by police departments this year. Beyond these themes, AK demonstrates plenty of humility for his upbringing, while extending gratitude to anyone that’s contributed to his successful career so far. Though a tumultuous year for many, music has once more been an encouraging bright spot, and AKTHESAVIOR’s Almost Home unquestionably reassures this claim. Stream the full record below!