Almighty Gnar – [Lil Gnar] ft. [Chief Keef]

Just last week, I wrote about Lil Gnar and Chief Keef’s brand-new song “Almighty Gnar” and went into heavy details about how much of a legend Sosa is as well as how Gnar is an icon leading this generation of musicians in his own right as well. I just feel like when you pair a new, energetic, and exciting spitter like Gnar with a certified veteran like Keef, there is no way that the results could be bad. Even though this song is the first of many with the two rappers, it seems to barely skim the surface of what is possible when they collaborate.

To be completely honest, my first listen to this track left me wanting more, partially because I knew that both emcees have demonstrated their talents even further in other records but also because I was just impatient and wanted more music from the tag team immediately. As I kept listening, though, I realized that I loved this song even more than I first had thought. I started to pick up on all the different lyrics that were performed by both artists and I also loved the epic aesthetic of the instrumental, so even though I am still hungry for more, I am excited to share the music video for this hit.

During my previous article, I hinted at the possibility of a visual coming out for this song, but at the time, I had no idea it was directed by the homie Sam McGrath who always kills it behind the camera, and this one is no different. For Keef’s portions, there are a variety of live performance clips mashed together to bring a different vibe from the clean-cut, vibrant scenes that Gnar takes part in. During these moments, the skater/rapper/designer/jack of all trades is joined by ZacFTP outside of what I presume to be Sosa’s mansion as he flexes his racks in front of an all-black Rolls Royce.

When he gets inside, though, that’s when I was really captivated because he plays around in Keef’s game room with walls decorated in colorful GloGang designs, something that I am admittedly HIGHLY jealous to watch but not take part in. Aside from this, certain ad-libs and lyrics pop up on the screen like comic book strips, really tying everything together flawlessly, proving once again that Sam McGrath is an artistic genius, Gnar is only beginning his reign as a top-tier emcee, and Chief Keef is (and always has been) a star.