Allstar JR assembles a star-studded roster to deliver “Organized Crime 2.”

Detroit artist Allstar JR is continuing to cement his name alongside the most popular in Detroit, with his most recent release Organized Crime 2. Even from the first time I’d written about JR not too long ago, I’ve seen his following and work grow considerably, which is no surprise (to me, at least). The clever lyricism, distinctive style, and pressure-packed energy have only become more methodical and apparent as time has gone on, and it’s clear with this latest LP.

Detroit is a music hub bubbling with talent and style, and JR was able to wrangle some of the city’s biggest names for this one. The entire project has a complete and well-rounded feel, almost compiled like a narrative story. Babyface Ray, BabyTron, and Icewear Vezzo are just a few of the names JR was able to land, further showing the respect others have for him and his talents. TraumaTone, W$ Kharri, Flex OTB, Pooh Beatz, ForeveRollin, and more submitted beats to round out the heavy-hitting production team. I was also a huge fan of the interludes, which took shape of radio interviews with esteemed music journalist Ahmad Davis. I listened through the whole album twice now, and I’d say my favorite two joints so far are “MMA” (ft. BabyTron) and “Walk Away” (ft. Baby Money). That could all change quickly though as I keep listening.

Tap into¬†Organized Crime 2 on Spotify below, it’ll be 43 minutes of your time, well-invested.