ALL THE TIME – [Travian] x [kharikyoto]

It should come as no surprise that Miami-based rapper, Travian, and his frequent collaborator, kharikyoto, are back at it again as they have a track record of dropping consistent heat on us. I first caught wind of the two’s work back in August of last year when I heard their song, “HAIKU”, off their collaborative EP, “CARTE BLANCHE”.  A song that has continued to hold a steady spot in my rotation over the last 9 months, I recently tapped back in with the work that Travian and kharikyoto have been putting out and all I have to say is “wow!”. After stumbling upon one of Travian’s TikToks which included their late-March release, “I USE 2”, that features a sample flip of Lauryn Hill’s “I Used To Love Him”, I quickly realized that the two are dropping some of the most underrated hip-hop collaborations in the underground at the moment. I say that to say that there’s no better way that I can celebrate their art than to cover their newest release on the Lyrical page today, so I’m excited to shine the spotlight on what they’ve got going on! 

This time around, the New Jersey native has blessed us with yet another heater by the name of “ALL THE TIME”. A record that’ll send chills of nostalgia up your spine, “ALL THE TIME”, is a new-age classic where bars and tasteful sampling take priority like old times. Kicking off the tune, Travian goes in with undeniable energy and a confidence within his delivery that’ll have you second-guessing whether you’re listening to an up-and-coming artist or a well-seasoned veteran. Indeed, Travian has “been HIM” as he remarks in the song, but so has kharikyoto as he leaves a lasting impression that is sure to capture your full, unrequited attention. As the song goes on, kharikyoto makes his appearance in the second verse to match the high-bar previously set by Travian with a memorable verse that will make sure you don’t miss another collab from the two ever again. A dynamic that you just don’t see very often between two young rappers who could stand alone in their own right, these two are a duo that should not be overlooked. For fans of Freddie Gibbs or Joey Bada$$, this is a can’t miss release so tap in now before you catch flak for being late.