All Summa – [DJ Ryan Wolf] x [Fresco Kane]

From the jump, the energy of this Summer smash, “All Summa,” creates an aura of joy and positivity surrounding the best time of year. DJ Ryan Wolf – a renowned DJ who has not only worked with the likes of MGK and DJ Scream, but was also the DJ for the Cleveland Browns – produced a beautiful, upbeat party track in this banger and found a perfect accompanying artist in Fresco Kane. Kane’s harmonious vocals mesh flawlessly with the Summer anthem, creating a piece that you can’t help but jig to.

“Ridin’ through the city, top down, burnin’ rubber, we gon’ do this all summa.” From the first lyrics of the track, the listener knows what type of song they’re getting, and the vibes portrayed in the visual directed by Bangout Films match those feelings to a “T,” with clips of a pool-party filled to the brim with models, drinks, and smiles to comprise the feel-good production.

It’s no wonder that the streams have impressively increased across all platforms in the first week of the visual’s release, which is now at roughly 40k views on YouTube. The perfect timing of the track’s release, and beautifully put-together song and visual will only continue the joint’s rise in popularity, and it looks like there’s no slowing down.

Watch DJ Ryan Wolf – “All Summa” feat. Fresco Kane on YouTube below!