All Of This Is True – [Jonesy]

Honesty is a virtue when it comes to music, and by practicing the ever-important theme of authenticity in his music, New Haven native Jonesy is an artist that everyone needs to get hip to. His latest 4-track EP, All Of This Is True, acts as a brutally honest account of life and its trials and tribulations, walking listeners through Jonesy and his struggles, triumphs, and ambitions for the future. Not many projects have been able to capture such a vivid image of everyday life and the events and energy that come with it as this project does, and in all honesty, the All Of This Is True EP might just be one of my favorite recent releases for that very reason. Jonesy holds a refined artistry to his name, blessing fans with 4 highly-unique, illustrative songs, all of which make for beautiful portrayals of life with production credits including K$ubi Kayy, Soshu, The Law, Yondrik, and Papajxn as well as one feature verse from K$ubi Kayy. All Of This Is True is a must-listen for all fans of genuine rap out there, so be sure to show some love to Jonesy, click play at the link below, and follow the New Haven native on Twitter here!