All I Want – [Jitsu Gaiden]

When we think of cities that major Hip-Hop artists come out of, we don’t think of Murfreesboro, Tennessee. But coincidentally, that is where Jitsu Gaiden, my newest discovery, is from.

Jitsu Gaiden’s “All I Want” is one of the several standout tracks from the recently relocated rapper’s latest project Timeless Hyrdoponic Chamber. This record falls into a rare and risqué sub-genre of conscious strip club bangers. The emcee spits with an authentic southern drawl and smooth vocal tone that is reminiscent of the legendary Tennessee rap group, Three 6 Mafia.

Throughout “All I Want,” Jitsu displays honest and hard-hitting flows, expressing his lust as he repeats the lyrics, “All I want’s a big booty bitch to throw a fit,” on the catchy, memorable hook. In today’s ever-changing Hip-Hop scene, the pimps and players have faded to the background, but still, Jitsu Gaiden is holding it down for all the playas out there.

Stream “All I Want,” here:


Words by Barry R