All I Do – [Liimo]

We have having a bunch of amazing artists getting their LL debut’s lately, and a trio out from Scotland that goes by Liimo is the latest of the bunch, as they are finding themselves on our pages with their latest offering titled “All I Do”. We predominantly cover hip–hop on our website, but we’ve been focusing on including some more different types of genres too, basically any music that just sounds good, and trust me when I say that this song is GREAT. I can’t say that I am too familiar with the Scotland music scene because I’m not, but if they aren’t already, Liimo is destined to become one of the biggest groups from Scotland to do well in the states, I give it a year before they are on radio waves here in America. This song is without a doubt sonically pleasing, and more times than not music will fit a certain age demographic, but to me, this is one of those rare cases where damn near anyone of any age can hear this song + enjoy it. Don’t take my word for it though, click play below to hear this song on Spotify + judge for yourself!