All Hustle No Luck – [Just Adam]

Chicago’s own Just Adam has released his new album All Hustle No Luck and I have to say; the quality simply speaks for itself. At ten songs deep, the project flows seamlessly; sleek transitions, effortless flows and refreshingly varied production make up this gloriously mixed and mastered LP. There’s a fine balance of upbeat tracks and smoother joints, which by default increases the project’s overall longevity. Sonically there’s directional shades of Logic, Drake and Jack Harlow, but never to the point of direct compatibility. Instead, All Hustle No Luck is more so a careful, intentional amalgamation of familiar mainstream styles with masterful execution. Lyrically, Just Adam does a fantastic job at weaving personal and/or vulnerable elements with  assuredness, which thematically corresponds with the notion of ‘hustling’ to succeed. Because Adam is unafraid of voicing his shortcomings, he’s consequentially learned and “caught the lesson instead of fumbling.” All Hustle No Luck is certainly an inspirational record, but not in a preachy or cliché sense. In fact, I’d go a step further and suggest that the project is a calling for accountability; not feeling sorry for oneself even during the most difficult times, because it is resiliency that propels one forward. There’s nothing lucky about believing in yourself and routinely applying pressure; especially when said pressure initially isn’t felt. Just Adam is a prime example of an artist with complete confidence in his ability, while simultaneously acknowledging the pivotal people that contribute to his success. As someone who has closely monitored Just Adam’s activity over the past year, I couldn’t be more impressed and happy for an individual that’s equally as talented as he is diligent. Enjoy the album in full below!