All Frogs Go To Heaven – [Worry Club]

There have been few moments, if any, where a new Worry Club drop doesn’t hit the way you want it to – it’s like an ice cold beer after a long day’s work, it just never lets you down. The group is one of those bands that will always put out timeless tunes and I can’t foresee a day where that would ever change. Led by the Club’s vocalist, Chase Walsh, the group of four band members are a standout amongst the Chicago alternative scene and for good reason. After releasing two singles, “Nothing” and “BORED” to kick off 2023 (both of which are included on their newest project), the club found their way onto an extensive U.S. tour with Grayscale which I’d imagine did quite a good job spreading the word about their new project. A band that you just have to see live, Worry Club puts together one heck of an experience in-person and on streaming platforms, so I’m thrilled to be highlighting their newest offering on the Lyrical site today. 

Orchestrating an angsty, punk-infused alternative project, Worry Club’s “All Frogs Go To Heaven” is their debut body of work in 2023 and a great measure of how far they’ve come over the past year. Going above and beyond (as the Club always does), “All Frogs Go To Heaven”, packs a firm punch throughout the first 4 songs off the project before dialing it back for “BUB” and the project’s outro, “Same Name” for a more melancholy (yet, still great) ending. Taking you on a journey of self-actualization through personal turmoil and the six stages of grief, “All Frogs Go To Heaven” carries a narrative that a lot of us can relate to – after all, aren’t we all just trying to get it together and figure this life thing out? With the project’s emotive storytelling in combination with its captivating production, the 6-song EP showcases the group in a vulnerable yet intentional light that is sure to grab your attention. My personal favorites off the project are “Nothin”,  “sucker punch”, and “Same Name”, but be sure to check out the whole EP below!