All Dz Chainz – [Gucci Mane] ft. [Lil Baby]

Whether you’re from Atlanta or just love the music scene in the southern city, it’s a place that needs no introduction in the world of music, and it has long solidified its place at the top of the hierarchy of the rap industry. I mean, I could most likely literally count to 100 ATL-born artists quicker than I can count to 100 in general, and with such a booming landscape, there are more and more emcees coming out of the woodwork every single day.

Gucci Mane has been a staple in the Georgia capital for literally decades, and even with a change of pace and style as he got older and gained more notoriety, he seems to be putting out more instant classics than ever. Lil Baby might be newer to the business when compared to the OG, but he has already made more than enough noise to have his food and eat it too, so there isn’t anything that either of these rappers could drop that wouldn’t have the world going absolutely insane.

Throw beat smith Wheezy into the mix with a little help from fellow producer Juke Wong, and you get “All Dz Chainz”, an all-out banger that this duo just dropped yesterday that comes equipped with a stupendous music video with direction from Keemotion. Over a beat driven by rumbling bass and chattering hats, Baby kicks things off with his shrill delivery that is just so damn catchy for some reason, and it plays amazingly on this style of instrumental.

When Gucci comes in, though, he uses his time to offer up some consistently vibrant bars that proclaim his stance on the terrible situation that YSL is dealing with. Instead of just saying free all of the members locked up, he takes a deep dive into the unfair arguments against them, and really dissects things to give an entire just argument about the predicament that his fellow Atlanta legends are in. I love when artists stick together regardless of the quandary, and when they’re from the same city, it just makes things even better, and “All Dz Chainz” is just another example of this fact.