All Day Long – [MARCO PLUS] x [WowGr8] x [Ben Reilly]

MARCO PLUS catalogs yet another high-octane performance on his newest offering, All Day Long, an aptly title track pushing all gas no break energy from start to finish. Marco has been on a prolific run of collaborations so far this year, only sharing the mic with the cream of the crop of the underground, like Chris Patrick and close collaborator Silky Southern to name a few. It seems that Marco holds this innate ability to consistently surround his vocals with good company – each time sharpening his craft by lyrically sparring alongside some of rap’s next class of stars, and his newest offering is no different. 

I fell in love with Marco’s work back in 2021 off the back of his cult-classic release of his debut album, Tha Souf Got Sum 2 Say, which presented a dense collection of tangibly authentic southern sounds and textures articulated through Marco’s clever and incredibly candid pen all expertly dressed over dark sampled production. Marco is an unstoppable force of undeniable talent served with ample confidence. He’s an artist unconcerned with what may be considered commercially unviable as far as releases go. Marco’s debut project tallied 19 songs with a runtime of 1 hr 3 mins, a blatant display of self-belief in one’s craft that’s fully backed by the project’s consistency and quality as he creates an enveloping world transporting you to the passenger seat to hear his intimate story as he steers through an array of painful introspective dissertations. Much like the style of his album art, Marco’s pen compiles colorful stories and anecdotes into elaborate mosaics of what coming-of-age in the depths of Atlanta looks like through his lens. It’s this mentality and approach to his craft that emphatically underlines his substantive artistry and his inevitable stardom is urgently pending.  

Marco’s newest offering, All Day Long, is assertive on every front, from his neck-breaking flows, prideful lyrics full of ‘down-south’ hustling, to the exciting contributions from WowGr8 and Ben Reilly, who put it all on the table with their wildly charismatic verses, leaving nothing more to be desired from the track. The high-tempo single is beautifully dressed with emotive horns, and spacey guitar leads that cinematically set the scene for the three to do nothing less but spazz for the entirety of the track’s 4-minute runtime. Tap in with Marco’s most recent offering, All Day Long, using the links below!