ALBUM MODE – [DillanPonders]

This year has brought out a different level of creative energy from Toronto’s DillanPonders. Coming off a strong release with his EP Mushrooms & Melodies, Toronto’s reigning King of the Underground blesses us with his 2nd project before the halfway point in the year. After a few strong single releases, DillanPonders has unleashed his latest LP titled ALBUM MODE. If you’re into gritty lyrics that pack the power of a Will Smith-slap then you’ll be happy to know DillanPonders is back on his BS. Throughout the full 13-track run time, each song shows off how versatile Dillan’s cadence is. If one thing is obvious, Dillan has been in the studio perfecting his craft and the results are incredible.

Everything on ALBUM MODE was produced by longtime collaborator BVB, who seems to be in perfect chemistry with Dillan as of late. He seems to master the type of production that allows Dillan to ride the pocket and switch his flows up multiple times within a song, one thing he does impeccably well. One of the biggest standouts from this rollout was one of the album’s singles “Demon Mode” which has Dillan going devilish over a beat that doesn’t let up. Other standouts of Dillan’s lyrical onslaught are “All the Smoke”, “Tuxedo Mask”, “Moon Toboggan”, or “Baggage”. These aren’t the only moments as Dillan is in full go mode the entire project, hitting new heights in terms of what he is capable of musically.

Being that this is the first full lengthed follow-up to 2020’s massive album BECAUSE WE’RE ALIVE, it’s great to see Dillan take things back to his roots and show that he is never going to stop evolving as an artist. Just because he has received recognition with music that caters to the mainstream, he doesn’t want his core fanbase to go unfed. If ALBUM MODE is any indication, it seems like DillanPonders will not be taking his foot off the gas anytime soon.

Listen to ALBUM MODE on all platforms here.