Al Pacino – [A$AP TyY] ft. [A$AP Twelvyy]

For me personally, few groups have been as influential for me as a music listener as A$AP Mob. The collective just really taught me so much about what it means to be united as one while being able to prove your individuality, but whenever members come together to make music, there is never a doubt in my mind that it’s going to be a hit. I first began listening to A$AP Rocky, as most people who are fans might agree with, when he dropped “Purple Swag” over a decade ago, and as I became more and more obsessed with his music, the rest of the members rubbed off on me naturally.

Next was A$AP Ferg, then Nast, then Twelvyy, and although the rest of the members are kind of a blur in terms of the order I found out about them, I never ignored a release for as long as I could keep up with their output. Their A$AP mob group projects like the Cozy Tapes series are still some of my favorite efforts to date, and I just couldn’t get enough of all these unique skillsets and sounds coming together in one place because even though they all sounded pretty distinct, they also meshed so fluidly together for some of the best projects I’ve heard to this day.

Although some of the members might still be on the come-up compared to proven icons like Rocky and Ferg, they never fail to impress me, so A$AP TyY’s song “Al Pacino” featuring A$AP Twelvyy is certainly not one to forget about, especially with the magnificent Sean Turk-produced instrumental. The underworld, grimy style of production is perfect for TyY who uses the tempo to his advantage as he unleashes a handful of dynamic flows as well as intriguing deliveries to leave you befuddled by the end of the track.

Not to mention Twelvyy’s remarkable cadence that is out of the box, full of personality, and even more jam-packed with inventiveness. “Al Pacino” might be one of A$AP TyY’s latest songs, but it’s certainly not his only jam, so make sure you tap in with this track before diving into the rest of his extremely impressive discography.