AK-SLIM – Relentless

Canada’s fourth largest province, Alberta, has always been associated with pop, country, and some jazz and rock. However, this is slowly changing as the city strives to produce a sustainable hip-hop scene. In recent years, hip-hop has become more mainstream in Alberta, with new artists entering the scene. But it is only possible to talk about the changes and growth of the Albertan hip-hop scene by mentioning AK-SLIM

AK-SLIM first made it to the Canadian underground scene in 2013 when he opened for renowned American rapper and actor Common. At the time, the Albertan music scene was young, and it was tough for AK-SLIM to grow his brand and build a fanbase, but he didn’t stop. AK-SLIM released his first music video in 2016 and has been consistent since. He has worked on several projects that have contributed to the growth of the Calgary music scene, including his album, Safi Nights, which he released in 2020. 

AK-SLIM’s unique music style, smooth lyrical flow, and sound have helped him to break into the fiercely competitive space and even make hip-hop in Western Canada more mainstream despite the obstacles. Moreover, AK-SLIM doesn’t confine his sound and style to one genre– he creates rap, R&B, melodic trap, and even afro-trap. He believes each song holds a special message, and he strives to deliver this message the best way he can.

His advice to artists who are getting started is to believe in themselves and invest in their brands. “It doesn’t matter where you are from or what people say; your dreams are valid. With all these platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Spotify, it’s easier to motivate yourself to propel your music and create a loyal fan base,” says AK-SLIM. 

Relentless is now available on all streaming platforms.