AirplaneMode – [BONES]

Few emcees manage to reach legendary status without the help of constant radio plays & other number boosters, let alone before they even turn 30. That speaks volumes of just how iconic BONES is, and the influence he has had on multiple generations of hip-hop artists at this point is truly mind-boggling. Whenever he drops something new, I always do my best to tap in and see what he is up to sonically, but when I saw the title “AirplaneMode” pop up in my email, I was confused.

The reason why I was baffled is that the track was one of my favorite cuts off of his 2019 album IFeelLikeDirt, so clearly it has been out for just short of a half-decade. Nonetheless, I clicked on the email to read the press release and discovered that he actually dropped a music video for the notorious song after it had a rebirth in 2022 thanks to a viral TikTok trend that even had Justin Bieber making videos incorporating the hit.

In this brand-new music video, we are taken on a thrilling and spooky visual journey as we join the legend on a haunting nighttime flight. Directed by Darkwave, the visual is a masterful combination of terror, anxiety, and enthralling cinematography, perfectly complementing the underground star’s unique otherworldly charm and sound.

From the moment the video begins, we are instantly transported into every traveler’s worst nightmare. The dimly lit airplane cabin is filled with the worst co-passengers you could imagine including people snoring, obnoxious kids, and even people clipping their nails, but in an even more obscurely terrifying twist, they all end up actually transforming into skeletons. The eerie ambiance is further enhanced by the flashing lightning strikes that illuminate the cabin, creating a sense of dread and claustrophobia.

As the video progresses, BONES becomes increasingly trapped in this nightmare scenario, surrounded by the strange and unsettling passengers, but the real fear begins when a lightning strike nails the plane. When this happens, it reveals the true nature of the other commuters, and the rapper realizes that he has more in common with them than he ever thought possible.

Throughout the video, BONES’s performance is nothing short of mesmerizing. He perfectly embodies the fear and confusion of his character, and his role definitely makes for a truly unforgettable viewing experience. From his haunting vocal delivery to his gripping stage presence, BONES commands the viewer’s attention from start to finish, making the long-awaited video for “AirplaneMode” a must-watch without a doubt in my mind!