Airbnb – [Bran Movay]

In a world that promotes a culture of urgency, of speed, of “right now”, the Los Angeles based artist Bran Movay reminds us that it’s important to slow down and cherish the present in his latest song and music video release, “Airbnb”. Wielding the talents of the multifaceted artist, producer, and DJ Ronnie Quest, this luscious song sets the tone for a weekend getaway featuring your crew and your boo.

Bran Movay has been making his mark in music since his debut EP Flower Talk hit airwaves back in 2017. The leading single from the EP was featured on Reprezent 107.3 radio in London, giving the UK just a taste of what the Dallas native has had cooking up. Following the release of the EP, Movay has been releasing a plethora of singles, all of which showcase his experimental blend of Hip-Hop, R&B, and Neo-Soul. His most popular track “Mama” featuring Black Freckles has amassed over 550,000 streams on Spotify and for good reason. In everything the young artist and producer does, he includes an ingrained sense of genuity and zeal that allows his sound to serve as a beacon for fresh new artists to follow.

“Airbnb” garnishes an ataractic loop of strings that combine effortlessly with the track’s spirited production. Altogether, the song paints a picture that lies somewhere between a romantic date night and a late-night function with friends. The music video embodies this concept flawlessly thanks to directors Jocelyn Woods and Aamir Khuller. On one end, we’re whisked through dreamy scenes of Movay serenading his muse in a tastefully adorned bedroom of the Airbnb. On the other, we’re placed at the literal heart of the party with Ronnie Quest and company. In the midst of it all, we can’t help but get a rhythmic sway on as we’re coaxed to “slow down, baby”. Nearing the end of the song, we’re given an unexpected but totally refreshing beat change that settles us down into a smooth R&B bedroom-like jam. Talk about dynamism!

On writing the song, Bran Movay shared, “With writing “Airbnb,” I wanted to imagine how things could be with someone you love when you both slow everything down, focus on one another, and enjoy all the new moments in that ‘honeymoon’ stage. So the song talks about doing things right and getting an Airbnb with your boo!”

For fans of experimental Hip-Hop and R&B, Bran Movay and Ronnie Quest are at the next stop of this wave, so hop on now or be sorry that you missed out later.

Words by Bianca Brown