“Ain’t Nun Wrong Wit Dat” – [Ahksxma]

Finding a niche in the modern-day music industry is tough, and making that niche your own and mastering it, is even harder. Ahksxma, raised in Philly and residing in Maryland,

did just that, with his latest release “Ain’t Nun Wrong Wit Dat” serving as a prime example. Looking for something that stands out, I came across this track with little expectations –  and was happily surprised. It’s not always easy to pinpoint exactly what makes listeners tick, but sometimes the reasoning is as simple as it just sounds good. I’m not sure whether

it’s Ahksxma’s use of drawn-out autotune, the way his vocals layer, the way his bars seemingly bounce off each other, the light piano key instrumental, or a combination of all that – but there’s no question that it sounds right.

I’d never heard Ahksxma prior to this release, but I’ll be sure to keep listening in the future after what I just heard with “Ain’t Nun Wrong Wit Dat,” a heater of a precursor to his upcoming project Everything Earned. Go listen on Spotify below!