Ain’t No – [Matt Muse]

Chicago leader Matt Muse announced earlier today that he will be releasing a brand new project titled Love & Nappyness, which is set to release on August 9th, and he also blessed us with a brand new music video for “Ain’t No”. One thing that has always stood out to me about Matt Muse is just how much weight has has behind every word, he speaks with such a motivating tone it will uplift you if you let it. Matt is not only one of the illest emcees to come out of the city, he helps pave the way for many young minds around Chicago, as he helps with Young Chicago Authors and is a educator himself at a local school, so it’s deeper than just music for him. You can’t deny the impact Matt is having on our community, and you also can’t deny that his music is FIRE, so press play below!