Ain’t Lyin’ – [Kickkone]

After having the privilege of connecting with some of my favorite artists throughout the years, thanks to Lyrical Lemonade, I’ve been put onto so many other talents that I might not have known about otherwise. Most recently, the homie and beyond talented producer Taymasterchef told me about a friend and fellow Floridian artists Kickkone, and after hearing all of the great things he had to say, I knew he was an artist I needed to put on my radar. Well, pretty much as soon as I found out he was an up and comer in the booming Florida Rap scene is when I knew he was a talent I had no choice but to keep my eye on, and I’m glad I did.

After hearing comparisons to GlokkNine, Kodak, and many other hitmakers from the southern state, I can see where these associations are coming from, but Kickk differentiates himself through certain distinct aptitudes that set himself apart from these artists, proving that he’s simply not a clone in the slightest. Take his most recent single “Ain’t Lyin’” for instance, which uses an incredible beat created by DZY and Yoda Yae, two hitmakers that I’ve known to build incredible instrumentals for the underground scene for quite some time now.

On this one, they use a mixture of troublesome, high-pitched piano keys, paired with lower, more ominous piano chords that combine with thunderous 808s and rattling percussion for an absolutely magnificent foundation for Kickkone to show off his skills. As the production begins to take shape, background, filtered vocals, ad-libs, and onomatopoeias as shouted by Kickk, previewing exactly the kind of belligerent, unapologetic bars that are yet to unfold. As he begins to spit, his Florida drawl is obvious, as expected, but his lines are insistent and aggressive as well.

He doesn’t get overly hasty with his words, to begin with, delivering singular lines one at a time, but he slowly but surely begins to change things up one bar at a time, getting a bit more inventive with his flows. His enthusiasm remains somewhat steady throughout, showing off some of his calmed charisma that fluently bounces along on the instrumental as his background ad-libs provide even more energy as they’re shouted out in the distance and echo into the next line. This lasts for a just a bit before the quick song almost reaches its culmination, prompting Kickk to truly go off the rails, bringing his energy to new levels and almost full-on screaming his lyrics as he quickens the tempo and picks up the pace to send us out of the offering with a beyond memorable verse.

As far as the music video is concerned, the budget might not be massive, but he does a wonderful job of making the most of his time inside the large house he can be seen in as well as the pool in the backyard he dances around. It opens up without the beat as he leaves the bathroom and heads to the kitchen for a snack. After this, he meets up his friend in the living room where he takes a seat on the couch, distracting us from the lively visuals that are about to ensue. As he turns on the TV, the camera zooms in on the screen as the beat begins and the song is introduced.

As he begins to spit, he can be seen in a myriad of different settings around the house, sometimes in the bathroom, on a balcony, around the pool, or standing on the couch in the living room. Throughout the video, he waves around stacks of cash and dances around, showing off his enthralling personality that is only elevated by the rapid-fire bars he’s spitting. Other than some quick cuts and fast transitions, this music video is kept pretty simple yet it’s effective and does a perfect job of coupling with the song to show off all of Kickk’s talents.

If you’ve paid attention to any of my previous articles, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I’m a massive fan of the Florida Rap scene. It just seems like every artist is going super crazy and has their own individualistic styles that might sound somewhat similar, but they have their singular talents that separate themselves from the rest of the pack. I believe Kickk’s differentiating factor the attack behind his delivery because even if he’s not necessarily raising the level of vigor behind his words, there’s this innate hostility that just comes to him naturally, which is something that simply can’t be altered or added in during the post-production process. I can’t wait to dive even further into Kickkone’s arsenal of music because everything I’ve heard so far is incredible, and if you’re unfamiliar with the Florida native, it’s about time you wake up as well. “Ain’t Lyin’” is the name of his latest release and it’s the perfect starting point, so make sure you tune into this remarkable offering and see for yourself.