Ain’t It Funny – [Danny Brown]

Danny Brown has dropped a new video for Atrocity Exhibition centerpiece “Ain’t It Funny”. “Ain’t It Funny” was one of the best tracks released in 2016, a nightmarish trip through Danny’s mental battles over a beat that can only be described as circus music from hell. It’s tough to make a video to live up to the original track, but this Jonah Hill-directed clip does just that. Set in a surreal parody of old family sitcoms like Full House, the video features life-sized drugs, a hysterically laughing audience, and a biting commentary about the entertainment derived from Danny’s struggles. Watch the insane video for “Ain’t It Funny” below, and make sure to check out Atrocity Exhibition if you haven’t already – it was the best hip-hop record released in 2016.