Aim for the Moon – [Pop Smoke] ft. [Quavo]

Although I’ve already gone into heavy detail regarding how much I enjoy Pop Smoke’s first (of hopefully many) posthumous albums, fans aren’t quite done eating it up, either. After a few months of it being out, Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon returned to the number one spot on the Billboard Top 200 chart yet again after having previously achieved this feat, and I think that says wonders about the late rapper’s skills and appeal, as if we didn’t already know.

Despite the unfortunate fact that Pop is no longer here to bring his music to life in the form of music videos, his team has been doing an absolutely remarkable job of keeping his infectious spirit alive through various different strategies and approaches. Most recently, they recruited Bouba Savage to portray a young version of Pop Smoke in the latest Oliver Cannon-directed music video to come from his camp for his album’s hit song “Aim for the Moon”. The 12-year-old emcee, who I wasn’t aware of prior to this, is dressed up in a blue durag while wearing a tank top and a gold chain, and he actually looks very similar to how I could imagine Pop looked growing up.

Despite his age, the young talent puts on a wonderful act, pretending to live the lavish lifestyle that Pop would undeniably be living if he was still with us, and a young Quavo even shows up later on, complementing the visual perfectly. As it opens, Bouba wakes up in a huge bed ready to take on the day before the camera pans out on the massive estate he’s living in. He walks down the grand staircase and takes a seat at the dinner table where a butler removes the top of a tray, revealing a mountain of cheeseburgers for the rapper to dive into.

A Rolls Royce pulls into the driveway, leading the young Quavo to hop out and meet Bouba at the entrance of this home. When the song actually begins, rotating shots showing Bouba lounging in the pool with a glass of champagne, dancing around on a table with a stack of cash, and other various scenes are displayed. It gets somewhat comical once the two young actors hop back in the Rolls and take it for a joyride considering they’re nowhere near the legal driving age, yet the way they carry themselves and recite each and every lyric would suggest otherwise.

Later on, they hop on some bikes and cruise around more appropriately inside the mansion all over the white marble floors before other scenes show them standing in front of stacks of money that are almost taller than they are themselves, making it rain all over the floor. As the song begins to come to an end, Bouba daps up the butler, makes a bit more money rain, and dances a little more, leading us out of this inventive and creative visual.

It’s no secret, as I say normally, that things would be much different if Pop Smoke was still around to further his career, but since that’s not the case, unfortunately, I definitely respect all the effort and creativity that his team uses in order to continue to gift fans more original content. Bouba did a magnificent job of carrying on the late emcee’s legacy in a powerful, intriguing manner, and Quavo’s child actor also played his part nicely as well, so although it’s not what we might’ve expected around this time last year, it definitely does the job. I haven’t even grown remotely tired of Shoot for the stars, Aim for the Moon, as most fans haven’t, but I’m always appreciative of new music videos to keep Pop’s name alive and well, so make sure you tune into the most recent visual for his song “Aim for the Moon” below.