Afford Me – [E the Profit] ft. [Dro Kenji]

Any time I see that Dro Kenji has worked on a song, I make an effort to tap in because even if I don’t know the other artists, I know that he is going to give us a memorable contribution no matter what the beat sounds like or how the other emcee executes their portions. I have seen him dominate on songs with artists of all different sounds, backgrounds, and strengths, but never have I experienced him in such a great light as he is in on the song “Afford Me” with E the Profit.

E, on the other hand, is a musician that I have been a massive supporter of since I first heard about him years ago, and I truly believe that he is exactly what Kentucky has needed to shine a light on the fact that there is so much more that KY has to offer than just Jack Harlow, even though he is a star in his own right. Although these two talents have shown off different strengths throughout their respective careers, I feel like this was a track that pushed them both out of their comfort zones to a place where they seem to thrive the most, and that all begins with the insanely contagious production from Rocco Roy.

Dro’s melodic vocals steal the show from the beginning, something that can be expected of the South Carolinian, but this has posed a problem for other emcees in the past that can’t live up to his charismatic enthusiasm. I had no worries for E, though, because I knew that regardless of what kinds of bars he laid down, he’d round out the record unbelievably nicely, which is exactly what he did.

To juxtapose Dro’s tuneful inputs, E spits some effortlessly smooth and intricate lines that sound completely different from Dro, but still provide just as much vitality and excitement to the record. All in all, I had no expectations other than something fantastic to come of this track, and those predictions were blown out of the water by the time my first listen came to an end, making this an instant addition to my playlist as well as a song I’m going to be listening to on repeat for the foreseeable future.