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Yes, Adot.  After being told to listen to the kid multiple times, I finally got with it and decided to check out his latest track, “Circles“.  I watched the visual three times through before I realized how cold the 18 year old Chicagoan really was; with his sedated flow and tongue twisting punchlines, you really can’t disagree that Adot does not only have a different sound compared to most Chicago artists, but he also carries himself differently than most.  Armani Bullock (Adot) has only begun, he has much more planned for us – consider everything thus far as a prep for what’s to come, find out a bit more about Adot below in his interview with your favorite blog, Lyrical Lemonade.

[First off, where’s the name “Adot” come from?]

The name, Adot, comes from my friends, I played Gears of War with them everyday on Xbox, and it was a shorter way to say my name, Armani; when I was in the process of searching for a rap name they told me that it fits me.

[When did you realize that you wanted to start rapping, and who were some of your influences?]

Near the end of junior year I wanted to seriously start, but I was rapping before then and people told me they saw potential in me so I stuck with it. Zeroh, MF DOOM, Tyler the Creator, Cannibal Ox and Flying Lotus are some of my influences.

[After the release of the “Circles” video I’m assuming people are hungry for a tape? When can we expect that?]

Right now I’m searching for the right sound that I want to have on my tape, but the closest I can say a project might be done is in March because I want to take time with it. The project will be called “SYNOPSIS” by the way, and people are definitely asking about projects.

[Visual Mecca have made videos for some pretty big names, how’d you get in contact with them?]

I actually just did the normal way of doing things, I emailed them, showed them the song they really liked it, we set up a meeting date to discuss ideas and things just took course.

[5 people you’d like to collaborate with from Chicago?]

Alex Wiley, Lucki Eck$, Max Wonders, Jay2, and Kembe X

[Lastly, the question we always end interviews on, where would you like to see yourself in 5 years?]

I see myself still making music as an independent artist with all of the big names around me, by that time my writing will have been progressed to an even higher level.

Make sure you get in tune with Adot, as he is one of Chicago’s newest sounds.