Adojio – [Elujay]

Passion is Elujay’s game, and no release could better exemplify this than the Oakland native’s latest EP, Adojio. Soaked in sun and packed full of galvanizing soul, this project uses simplicity as its weapon of choice in order to hook listeners in. Truthfully, on a basis of talent, all it takes for Elujay to impress is a simple guitar riff and some of his heavenly vocals, but needless to say, he went above and beyond for his latest, bringing forth an endless summer of a world where honest emotion is a commanding theme. Just 7 tracks long, Adojio keeps it short and sweet while giving fans everything they could ask for and more, and for that reason, there’s no doubt that each song from this tape will hold a spot in my heavy rotation throughout the weeks, and even months, to come.

Oakland native Elujay is on his way to stardom if he can keep up this consistency and quality, so be sure not to sleep. Stream the Ebro-cosigned Adojio (listen to the end of track one) at the link below and let us know what you think in the comments!