Admit It – [estef]

Nashville-based singer-songwriter estef returns with her newest single, “Admit It.” This marks her seventh official single release on streaming services and is an exciting marker of her continued growth. Estef’s vocals on this newest release are incredibly polished, creating a hypnotizing R&B bop that characterizes the moment you learn of your significant other’s infidelity. Although from a subject matter perspective the new single is categorized by groove-inducing production, estef manages to uplift the attitude of the record by not sulking but accepting and moving forward. Estef’s approach to the single appears to come from a place of newfound clarity, allowing the song’s subject matter to remain lighthearted amidst its distressing sentiments. It’s hard to resist a record with a high level of production quality, glossy vocals, and a message that any listener can identify with.

Check out “Admit It” by estef below.