Addie Izzo – [A$AP Ant]

A$AP Ant, otherwise known as YG Addie, has already established himself as one of 2019’s most prolific artists so far, releasing a plethora of music without ever compromising quality or losing the head of steam that he’s gained in the process. Today, following up on the college basketball imagery of Addie Pitino and maintaining this win streak, the man himself is back to unveil a brand new EP, Addie Izzo.

5 tracks long, this EP follows in the blueprint of Addie’s other recently-released projects, striking both quick and hard without wasting any time along the way. With this, Addie Izzo hits the ground running and gets straight into it, using a supply of mesmeric melodies and deeply-cut drums as a collective North Star. The result, as we’ve all come to expect, is another noteworthy release to add to the budding talent’s catalog, with “Dog Day Afternoon” and “Fubu Got That Flame 9000” as early standouts.

Be sure to check out the new EP below and let us know what you think in the comments!