Addiction – [Boobie Lootaveli]

There are a select few artists in the music industry that I just absolutely love to support no matter what they are releasing, but I don’t just enjoy it for no reason. Every now and then, there are some emcees that literally only drop hits and nothing but certified slappers, but on top of this, they have such a mysterious yet intriguing persona and they consistently show love whenever I am able to write about their releases.

These are my all-time favorite musicians to write about because I know I’m in for a treat every single time, and I can genuinely feel their appreciation for my words, unlike some artists who either ignore the time I spent or maybe won’t even give me any credit. Even though credit is the last reason why I write these articles, I can’t even explain how much it means to me when someone I thoroughly admire takes the time to reach out, thank me, or even clue me in on a few upcoming surprises that they have in store because this is honestly when I feel like the time I spend is beyond worth it.

Enough of my rant, though, but I just had to say all this because Boobie Lootaveli is someone who always shows love while also being one of the most entertaining rappers in the entire scene, so I don’t even have to ponder on if I should write about a new song, video, or project from him because the answer is going to be yes, every single time. A few months back, he dropped his amazing project LIFE ON OUR TERMS which gave us a variety of bangers, but one of the best tracks on here in my own opinion had to be the tape’s second track “Addiction”, which was produced by Mikey the Magician and Rocci.

Even after some time has passed, when I saw that Nicolas Giraldo grabbed a camera to shoot a video for this record, you already know I ran to my computer to peep the magic, and of course I was blown away once again. Throughout this visual, a plethora of shots are rotated in and out as Boobie seems to make his way around different parts of New York City, constantly switching things up no matter where he ends up. What I truly love about him, in general, is his capability to make such high-energy, vivacious songs even though his disposition is extremely relaxed and unphased. So, the fact that he carried this strategy and natural entertainment into the music video makes it something you need to check out as soon as possible.