ACPP – [deth coni] x [Brave Rome Terrified]

As far as placing the utmost emphasis on character and worldbuilding in one’s approach to their musical career, seldom acts in the current-day online music scene have come to truly take up this mantle in full effect. Acts today are more so inclined to flaunt their talents in other manners, not to say these other methods are bad by any means, but they do differ from how effective tried and true character building is from a conceptual standpoint.

An act like deth coni prioritizes their character above all else. Though their dark, sporadic, and even abrasive vocal inflections and performance alike do compliment their artistry in a unique manner, they better serve as a working piece in defining the figure they portray in their music — a tellingly personal one, at that. 

It is safe to say that not a single one of their contemporaries in their respective scene can truly match up to the Graveem1nd mainstay’s sense of narrative whatsoever, and their keen approach to songwriting and structure alike practically cement this claim in stone. The recently released “ACPP” is the latest, and perhaps greatest example of exactly what makes an artist like them this special and this acclaimed.

The narrative in this track revolves around deth coni’s atypical perception of the world around them as they see it, and certainly the effects it places on their mental. They utilize these struggles to paint an all-too-vivid picture of a character who, though at odds with the situations that happen around them, still has the utmost confidence in themselves and does things on their own terms. This personal circumstance is not told in any sort of straight-up manner at all, as they make sure to lace each and every line in this track with some of the most effective and absolutely flawless wordplay heard yet this year. 

The instrumental here encapsulates everything that deth coni illustrates with their words alone; the magnificent production force in dltzk crafts together an absolute masterwork of beat that saturates itself in pure gloom and mystique. Its multiple passages and layers alike let both deth coni and the accompanying Brave Rome Terrified embellish themselves in as many ways as they do throughout this experience in its entirety. 

Brave Rome Terrified’s guest verse is easily the most surprising aspect that this song has in store. The relatively unknown figure impresses beyond belief with a verse that matches deth coni’s sense of wordplay bar for bar. They create a tellingly ominous scene of their own with an understated, yet truly effective vocal performance here that occurs just at the right time in this dynamic track. 

Both of these two came together for what can only be described as an experience that will stand on its own for quite the long amount of time within the online music space as it continues forward. There simply exists nothing that sounds quite as layered, rich, and effective as this track does, and it is the type of song that iconic figures are made out of. The three contributors here exude the qualities of an “icon” in their own ways, and coming together as they did was one of the only options in making that fact crystal clear. To say it went off with flying colors would be an understatement — an enormous understatement at that.