About Last Night – [TWNTYFOUR]

“Ever since last night I had a question, she was the answer.”  This smooth serenade titled “About Last Night” was released just a day ago from foreign artist TWNTYFOUR – who has made a name for himself as a persona in the R&B genre with his dreamlike voice and consistent motifs of sorrows and emotional issues mostly brought forward by encountered women and relationships.

TWNTYFOUR has built up an impressive library on his Soundcloud, with several of his tracks reaching thousands of streams. The artist is only 20 years old, though he has two years plus of experience coming into this single. His style has some mixing and editing properties of electro-pop, with the vocals and themes of Rhythm and blues, which is what I personally think makes his music so diverse and entertaining. This piece, in particular, feels as if it could be bumped in several different scenarios; a late night drive, a popping get-together, or just about anything else you could think of.

I’ve divulged further into his work, and I’ve found similarities with some of my favorite modern artists today, and I think nothing but further success is yet to come for TWNTYFOUR. “About Last Night” is a brilliant representation of TWNTYFOUR’s library, and I expect it will only gain momentum and success going forward.

Stream “About Last Night” below!