Aaron May just keeps delivering. This time with “STILL HUMBLE.”

The title of the song tells all, seriously. I’ve written about Aaron a handful of times over the last few years, and it’s ridiculous just how consistent he’s been. Constantly giving his listeners content, he never lacks the effort and consistency it takes to be a star, a status I think he’s now reached. As an independent artist, he may not receive the crazy view counts and stream numbers that you see from the industry’s biggest names, but honestly, because he’s independent, his numbers just carry more weight.

You can tell the time, effort, and craft that go into every single piece of work he releases, and so is the case with this joint. STILL HUMBLE features a masterful beat done by @yogicbeats, one that has the feathery melodic feel necessary for Aaron to do what he does best. Aaron’s a storyteller by nature, bringing in his audience to every experience and offering them a firsthand view into his life as he’s climbed the ranks.

“I’m the one who made it happen, ain’t had nobody put me on —  I’m the one who took the action, ain’t had no one prove me wrong.”

He’s quickly become one of my most listened-to artists since 2021, and this track shows why.

Additionally, he included a beautiful visual shot by CASHJUNDI that supplements the energy of the track. This is one you might want to roll up to, open YouTube, and throw on repeat (I highly recommend).

There’s no limit to what Aaron’s career will turn into, and I feel blessed to be a part of his audience this early in his career.

“STILL HUMBLE” is an ode to himself, a much-deserved self-acclaim, and a depiction of exactly what it’s like to do things the right way in the industry. Tap in on YouTube below!