Aaron May keeps growing his brand with visual to “HIDDEN VOICES.”

The independent Houston artist Aaron May revisits LL in his latest visual (produced by BLACKSHEEPFILMZ) for “HIDDEN VOICES.”

In my short time living in Chicago this last year or so, Aaron May and his music accompanied me on seemingly every train ride, walk to class, and walk to work, as I kept digging deeper into his work the more I listened. 2022 ended with him in my Spotify “wrapped” top five, as projects like No Recognition and Outside Looking In filled my library with tracks I didn’t know I needed.

One chunk of his discography that also came out during that time was a two-song simultaneous drop that included one of my most-played songs of the year, “HIDDEN VOICES.” This track emphasizes what I already knew and loved about Aaron’s work; unique vocal delivery, melodic and genre-crossing instrumentals, and masterful lyricism. I can’t tell you how many times I replayed this joint last Spring. With great pleasure, I was reintroduced to the track a couple of weeks ago as he dropped the visual.

BLACKSHEEPFILMZ took a simplistic, yet effective approach as many producers have with Aaron’s work, and it works well for whatever reason. I’m a huge supporter of in-studio content, and as soon as I saw shots in-studio, I knew I’d like it. Those scenes are paired with Aaron kicking it outdoors, smoking, and relaxing outside various establishments, creating the raw and real feel that so much of his work exudes. Over-editing is something that’s been unnerving recently, and the simplistic effects and lyric layover make for a slight, creative edit that perfectly fits this style of track.

With 50K+ views in just a couple of weeks, Aaron continues to cement himself as — and further blossom into — the superstar that I predict he’ll be.

Check out “HIDDEN VOICES” on YouTube below!