Aaron Deux + IsaiahG: The Lemonade Stand Interview

Aaron Deux and IsaiahG are two individuals that I have been friends with since about 2015, they are two budding young musical talents from Chicago who are well known within the cities local scene. When it comes to rapping, both Aaron + Isaiah are top-tier young talents, and Aaron is one of the best new producers from the city in my opinion. I decided to interview both of these creatives together because they are best friends and create so much music with each other. You will find me asking them about things such as how they met, their influences, their college experience, being apart of the music collective Outer(net), Isaiah’s ties to Lyrical Lemonade, Chicago’s music community, and more. If you are a fan of Chicago’s music scene and aren’t yet familiar with them, get in tune with them by watching this new interview below!