A Written Testimony – [Jay Electronica]

The story and legend of Jay Electronica is an intriguing one to say the least, if you know you know and if you’re unaware I highly suggest you do some research, he’s one of the best artists of our life in my opinion. That’s a bold statement in general but especially when considering that he hasn’t released much music at all throughout his career, he’s been something like a folktale, and just a few days ago he released his brand new debut album titled A Written Testimony. A Jay Electronica project has been widely anticipated for YEARS now and just knowing how serious he takes his craft, I knew that his release was going to be something special, but after listening to it about a dozen times through it’s easy to say that it surpassed my already high standing expectations. From the beginning to the end this tape was as cohesive as it gets, it’s an ear-pleasing masterpiece that every hip-hop fan will thoroughly enjoy, I believe this album will be considered a timeless classic for many decades to come. I loved every song on this project but if I had to pick a few standouts to me, I’d say “Universal Solider”, “The Neverending Story” and “A.P.I.D.T.A” are my favorites of the bunch. If you are going to listen to any album from front to back today, I hope & suggest that you pick this one, stream it via Spotify below!