A Q&A with Chicago’s Speedyville Nardy

Chicago street music has been written about more perhaps than any other city’s scene in the past decade, focusing primarily on Chief Keef, Lil Reese, Lil Durk, and co. initially at first and eventually began to also encompass their “oops” into the fold of established Chicagoans who didn’t have to make overly-conscious or mosh-worthy music to take the city, and world, by storm, but unfortunately this one-sided angle that many on the outside looking in framed the Windy City with it greatly diminished the artistic contributions of many other artists purely because they had been left out of publicly-known beefs that have become a sick fascination to many Chicago outsiders who voyeuristically enjoy the violence and destruction of a proud community.

One artist who hasn’t been able to quite grab the attention of the rest of the city despite his consistent musical output and unique perspective is Riverdale, Illinois rapper Speedyville Nardy who hails from “Speedyville” or the Paysetter Housing Projects that lie just beyond Chicago-proper’s boundary, but don’t you dare let that make you think shits sweet. Both Nardy and his neighborhood are named after his deceased brother Speedy who Nardy continues the legacy of through each song. Nardy’s unique brand of “Braveheart Music” definitely exists in the same plane as trap and drill but seems to mainly be differentiated by Nardy’s unique outlook and lyrics.

Check out our interview with Nardy here:

How did you get your name?

Well my projects are called the Pacesetter Projects and when my cousin Speedy died there we changed the name to Speedyville. You got my brother Speedyville Geno, Speedyvile Big Bro, Speedyville Cash, Speedyville Scooter, Speedyville D, Speedyville Wall Street, Speedyville Tay, Speedyville Ziggy, Speedyville Sauce, Speedyville Birdman, and Speedyville Grandson will be out 2023. It really ain’t just me, It’s a whole projects, don’t forget it. They on like 138th and Halsted by the police station and the little shopping center and then boom, projects.

When did you start rapping?

You know how you be in school and they make you come up with something you love to do and get paid for and tell you if you don’t do that you’ll be a worker forever? That hit me that’s what I needed to do because I never wanted to get no money as a kid, I just wanted to have fun and I thought that this would be a good way to party and kick it with the guys so I didn’t know how to rap, but wanted to rap but I had seen a lot of people in the rap game like that, and then Gucci Mane came along and i realized i didn’t have to just rap, I just needed to talk my life and that’s what made me realize I wanted to rap because it’s what I loved, so that’s why I started rapping.

Did other artists blowing up from your area influence you to start making music at all?

Hell nah, ain’t nobody from the ‘raq gonna say another artist out here is why they started rapping, but everybody from the ‘raq really is gonna say Gucci. I don’t gotta know em, they gonna tell you Wop. Then its gonna go like majority before Wop then Wayne, but Tupac with this shit is the Michael Jordan to me, thats’ the main three. If you wanna go to the new generation on who killin’ shit its Juice WRLD, them really the goats to me, nobody really fuckin’ with them. 

Chicago is such a crazy place, what sets your area’s musical style apart from other places?

This is where people get Chicago messed up at right, we don’t make music. Everybody in the industry gets on making music, we got on by beefing. You hear anybody else from Chi than me other than like chance or Juice WRLD you’re just gonna hear ‘Who I killed’ ‘Who I’m smoking’ and just sending a message to who we’re beefing with. We ain’t worried about rapping that’s just not what we do. Our songs are dissing each other. That’s how we got big, We ain’t got no hits just ‘we’ll smoke you’ or this and that. We are our own third world country down here bro it’s like the music industry and then Chicago.

When can we expect your debut project?

Right now I’m just in negotiations with these labels doing partnerships and shit, they getting everything together but I just made like 100 songs in 3 weeks, so I got a ton of music on the way. 

How would you describe your sound?

I ain’t boxed in but I got my own genre of music, ‘Braveheart music.’ it’s basically like for people who got through anything from pain, tragedy, tribulation, really came from that dirt, with no hand outs, nobody in the music industry, nobody to big them up. Everybody knows them from getting out the mud because nobody gave them nothing and nobody gave them no deal. Braveheart music is for real and i’m trying to let you know that you are great and you are a million-dollar-bag already by yourself. You just gotta unlock it and the only way to do that is going through pain and experiencing stuff, You’re not gonna unlock your potential just getting some money and everybody don’t go through real stuff. Not everybody got the same background, some people started off better than some.

What was your childhood like?

My momma had a foster dad who took care of a lot of kids but it’s damn near like a group home. Shoot im a product of my environment bro, I gotta get it how I get, work a 9-5, shoot dice, wash chars, all types of way to generate a revenue. The difference is if you really want something and have that risk it all will-to-win inside of you, you gonna win, but if you aint got all that you ain’t gon’ win. Most people don’t know how to just stand on business that’s hard for them, you gotta know how to do that anyway. If you don’t stand on business it’s a chain reaction, nothing will get done right and then you finna lose, you gonna see what happens.

Where do you see yourself at this point next year? In the next five?

Ooh man i’m trying to go to the top with it it ain’t about no money for me. Everybody get in the music shit for the money but I’m in it cause I love it. Too many foo-foo got people confused in the industry and I gotta come in here like Jesus boy and sacrifice myself for the game. Let people know the honest from the fake, show the real, everything i do gonna be different. There’s nothing gonna be the same, I’m so unorthodox. I’ll try to throw off for real, get on a different type of beats, all that. I dont be doing all that ra-ra instagram shit but I’m about to start dropping more videos. I just need the fans to tell me to come fuck with them more. I don’t be tripping off that IG shit i be living in reality. It’s real life outside, real GTA, ion even watch tv for real for real.