A Place for Us – [Pardyalone]

Ever since I first found out about Pardyalone, it is hard for me to imagine a more captivating artist on the rise than him. I get overly excited when I find out that he put out something new, which is weird because his music is often pretty depressive and bleak, but it’s not just sad for the sake of being sad. Pardy isn’t just another musician with face tattoos and a fabricated story. In fact, he is exactly the opposite. If for some reason you judged him on appearance alone and had to predict what kind of music he made, you would be dead wrong, and that’s what I love so much about him.

He is different, and I italicize the word because I can’t stress this enough. His dejected narratives might not get you pumped up or dancing, but he shares his experiences in a way that reveals every last bit of his soul, and it connects with listeners on a level much deeper than music alone. No matter what kind of mood I’m in, he forces me to revisit my previous hardships and put them into perspective, helping me learn to be a better person even if these events took place years before. There’s just a strange feeling I get while listening to Pardy considering I never leave a song feeling down, but I do leave these records as if I have a weight lifted off of me and peace of mind, and this is definitely not a sentiment I’ve experienced with anyone else other than him.

His latest Aatu Iljin, Jono Dorr, and Nick “Unknown Nick” Audino-produced track called “A Place for Us” had this same power on me, and the Chris Vergara-directed music video took this a step further. In this one, Pardy is having a hard time with his girl, bickering and fighting about every little thing. It appears as if this causes him to revisit his past, though, because he transports to a time that seems to be the party he was at where he first met this love interest. While his story unfolds, so do other relationships amongst partygoers as highlights of the ups and downs of their love stories are mixed together in a montage of highs and lows.

Towards the end of the video, there appears to be an alternate version of these stories where the first interaction between these couples was never made, and those connections were never formed, basically as if none of these pairs ever even met in the first place. Considering I have a loving, wonderful, and caring girlfriend  (shoutout to you boo), these storylines are beyond frightening because I can’t imagine a world without her, but it’s certainly an interesting take on the way life could go if you never met that one person that you love, even if it can feel pointless from some at times.

Pardyalone never ever disappoints me whatsoever, and the fact that his music is so powerful and ear-catching at the same time leads me to believe that he’s one of the most special talents in the industry right now. Although it feels like way too many people are sleeping on him still, he is destined for greatness and every single hit he has drops, including this one, backs up this belief without a sliver of doubt in my mind.