A Maze (Official Music Video)-[Most Wanted]

Great music is one thing, but when you can pair great music with a complimenting music video, then the best type of synergy is the result. Today, Phoenix-based Trio, Most Wanted makes an appearance on our page yet again for their song “A Maze” along with a phenomenal video to go along with it.

I’ve been following this group for some time now and it’s been a privilege seeing them elevate each time they release something. From a musical standpoint, “A Maze” hits on all cylinders. After first listen, I found myself singing the chorus over and over again in my head and I’m sure the same thing will be said for anyone who listens as well. The production does an amazing job of creating space for the catchy melodies and verses that are present in the offering.

On top of this, the visual that accompanies this track is a breath of fresh air. The Wes Anderson/Quentin Tarantino inspired video is captivating and will afford viewers a new perspective on this up and coming act. I’m seriously a fan of this entire showing and I know you all will be too. Make sure you check out this video asap and let us know what you think!