A Lot – [Night Lovell] [Lindasson] & [FTG Reggie]

One of my favorite things about music is the fact that even in the same genre, there are always artists pushing the boundaries and going above and beyond to try and break through barriers that a quote on quote “genre” might attempt to place them in. As for Night Lovell, he has had this unbelievable ability to bring a new sound to Rap music, and while it might be somewhat dark or macabre during certain moments, it’s these themes that consistently repeat themselves that have always made me such a huge fan.

Most recently, he teamed up with fellow Ottawa spitters Lindasson and FTG Reggie, and although I was previously uninformed about these two artists, I now know that I need to listen up much more intently after listening to the trio’s brand-new song “A Lot”. Produced by CR and 10kkrazy, the hitmaking duo brought an instrumental to life through pumped up, anticipatory synths of some sort, intense percussion, and always succinct 808s that complement Lovell’s voice insanely well. He comes in right as the beat drops, casually yet somehow still menacingly, and his words just assault your eardrums like they normally seem to do.

Lindasson comes in for the second verse, and although his voice isn’t nearly as deep as the bellows from Lovell, his lyrics come through with a sort of antagonization that is simply compelling, to say the least. When FTG Reggie comes in, the beat completely simplifies and his bars are delivered in one of the most confident, unphased manners I’ve ever witnessed. Things change once the instrumental comes back in full-force, and his swagger and confidence just seem to exude far beyond the beat, finishing the track out on the highest of notes.

The fun doesn’t stop there, luckily, considering the track also has an awesome new music video to accompany it shot and edited by Ben Telford. Although it might not take us to any insane settings, have wild or crazy effects, or feature tons of lovely women, drugs, and weapons, it’s the simplicity of the visual that truly does wonders for me considering Lovell has never really been one to be overly show-offish and he lets his music do his talking for him. Nonetheless, there are some lo-fi shots, granular filters used during certain scenes, and different light alterations that elevate this video just enough to make it an absolute success in my eyes.

Although I sometimes wish Lovell would drop more music, I can’t get too anxious considering every time he does drop, it’s always as high quality as it can be, and I run the song back until the proverbial tape gets worn out. Lindasson and FTG Reggie are two names that I wasn’t very familiar with, as I mentioned before, but I was blown away by their contributions on this record and I’m certainly going to keep a close eye on them moving forward. Who’s to say what’s going to come next for any of these three artists, but I’m just excited to be here for the ride, so make sure to stop whatever you’re doing and tune into “A Lot” immediately.