A Conversation with Tommy Richman

Hailing from Woodbridge, Virginia and making it on to our page today is an artist named Tommy Richman. If you’ve read any of my articles, then you’d know how much I love my home state of Virginia, so any time I get to converse with a fellow creative who’s from that area, it’s always a good time. Tommy just released a phenomenal new single, so in honor of this release, we decided to dive into his story a bit and learn more about him. Continue reading to check out this conversation with Tommy Richman.

Sam: What got you started in music? Were your parents musical at all/who taught you?

Tommy: I was always singing, and took voice lessons at a young age, but no body taught me anything. I just did it. My dad was a drum teacher and my mom is actually legally deaf, so she never played anything, so I just kinda did it myself. Felt a connection to it and went for it. 

Sam: So I hear you’re from Woodbridge Virginia, I’m from Leesburg…Tell us what it was like to grow up in VA. Is there much of a music scene out there?

Tommy: First of all, I like Leesburg. I was there a couple months ago and was skating there with the homie. The thing about the music scene in Virginia is that there are a lot of talented people, but I feel like a lot of people are gatekeeping which make no sense because we’re all coming up artists. It feels much more divided and not coming together. We have Pharrell who’s obviously a legend and one of my idols and Timbaland is the man too, but in terms of what’s coming up, we gotta come together more.

Sam: Some of our greatest passions start off as hobbies. When was the moment you decided to pursue this music stuff seriously?

Tommy: I’d prolly say the month before I went back to college, going into my sophomore year I made a song called pleasentville and a lot of people liked it and I thought it could be something I could do. Then I dropped Melba, which was a breakup song about a girl, but it was really a breakup about leaving college. At that point I left college for music and started taking it seriously. I had to!

Sam: Who are some artists/people who inspire you the most? They don’t even have to inspire you on a musical level, but rather just on a personal level?

Tommy: I really like Andy Circus – actor – cuz he played golem in lord of the rings and ceaser and planet of the apes – which is Low Key my favorite trilogy ever. You could say lord of the rings but honestly that shit is mad boring fam. I also have to mention Dennis Rodman because he’s actually one of the most punk people ever. During his time, to be as metro, and athletic, and different, and fashionable and partying as hard as he did was ridiculous. I mean he played on the best basketball team ever, was defensive player of the year, and was outside fucking Carmen Electra in Vegas every other night. I wanna interview Dennis Rodman one day. Say what you want, but the kim Jong un friendship is iconic!

Sam: How have the past couple years been for you with the pandemic? Were you motivated to write and create music?

Tommy: Honestly a lot of people went through a lot bad shit in the pandemic and experienced some of the lowest points of their lives. But for me, it was like a reset button being in the house and focusing on my Music shit and spending a lot of time with my mom, who I love and don’t get to spend that much time with. Also, my friend Kado and I ran through GTA5 start to finish. It was kinda inspirational.

Sam: How would you describe your music?

Tommy: Honestly man, I just try to make cool shit for people but more so for me. It’s not about the gimmicks or cliches for me. I wanna make stuff that’s palatable and listenable but also just shit I like and am interested in.

Sam: How do you want people to feel when the ru hear your music?

Tommy: I personally think this is a silly question. I don’t really care what people think about it. People can feel however they want – if they think it’s cool then great and if they don’t, fuck it! I make the music that I feel and connect with and if it connects with someone else, then great. 

Sam: What are some goals you have for yourself? What do you want to end up doing when it’s all said and done?

Tommy: What does all said and done mean, when you die? What’re you talking about man, I’m gonna be doing this shit on my death bed! If we’re talking about being done with the career, I don’t see that happening. I’m gonna be creating shit forever – RIP VIRGIL. He went out like a legend. I really wanted to meet him and work with him, and it hurt me so much when he died. He’s really an inspiration to create until your last breath.

Sam: Tell us about this new song. What was the inspiration behind it?

Tommy: Games is coming out Thursday morning. It’s really about when I just said fuck it and decided I’m coming to LA. I was in my basement and my mom was doing laundry and I could only record line by line – and it just sounded super rebel like. “19 years old I made a play” – that’s when I dropped out of college aka made a play. “Now I’m 21 shit is not great” – you know shit isn’t great sometime. “I was born to live at a fast rate” – life is quick! You never know when it’s over and I’m just moving quick. Life is a roller coaster, might as well have fun riding it. “I was sick and tired of being last place” – in my life, I’m just such a competitive person. 2nd place is last place to me – in boxing and wrestling, if I didn’t win that was it. Not in a toxic way, but I’m just trying to win.

Sam: What are you most excited about going into 2022?

Tommy: Hmmm…. That’s a tough one. I’m really just excited about some of the songs I got in the tank that are just a vibes. But like a bunch of different vibes. That’s why people like Pharrell inspire me, cuz he was talking to Rick Rubin and it’s just not about the music theory but more about how it feels. How the chords make you feel more than how they fit together. Anyway, yea – cool shit to come out this year that will be nice for the world to hear.