A Conversation with Lili Kendall

A couple of months back, I got introduced to one of the most dynamic artists in the industry right now. If you’re looking for a talent who has that “it” factor, I ask you to look no further than Lili Kendall. The up and coming artist has set herself apart from the common music makers with a sound that is easily identifiable and utterly infectious. If this were a regular article, I would go on and on about how much I love her music and do a step by step stylistic breakdown, but with a talent of this magnitude, I want to make sure our readers get a full view of who Lili truly is. I was able to come up with a few questions for Lili and she detailed her answers down below! Check them out!


SM: Tell us your story. How did you get into music in the first place? What sparked the journey that you’re currently on? 

LK: When you get a gift from God, it is hard to ignore a path in life that involves that. So when I learned I could sing, it’s really all I did, I spent hours, days and years making that shit my craft. I got a guitar from my parents on my 12th birthday, I hated the lessons, but divine timing had my 6th grade teacher, Mr Franklin, teach us poetry at the exact same time. So I took my new found knowledge and the few chords I had learned, and I wrote songs. It really just snowballed from there. I don’t even know if it was free choice, it felt more like predestined fate. 

SM: What was your first win? (Moment when you realized music could be your career)

LK: I don’t think there was a single moment. It’s just the moments of clarity in the consistency, when you look around and realize you are doing what you once dreamed to do. 

SM: Where do you get inspiration?

LK: Moments in daily life, my relationships, my faith, lessons, pain and pleasure, all the human things really. 

SM: Has anyone inspired you more than anyone else?

LK: My parents. 

SM: What’s your favorite song that you’ve ever written? 

LK: ooo that’s hard… I’ve written a lot of songs, I do really love a song I wrote that my friend Niia released called “like you do.” 

SM: What are some of your goals for the future?

LK: I don’t think we’ve been in a more unsure time in all of our lives than right now, so my future goals and path is shifting currently like everyone else. Currently, I just hope to find more truth about and within self through my daily practices that connect me to source, and subsequently, my creativity and the music. 

SM: What’s in store next musically?

LK: Right now I am just creating freely with no boundaries or expectations of what or who it’s for, but you can definitely expect a lot more music to come soon.


If you want a full look into the magnificence who is Lili Kendall, definitely check out every song she has put out to date. Back in April, she dropped a 10 song project called, “love, herself.” and it’s truly one of the most spectacular collection of songs that I’ve ever witnessed. I’ve attached the Spotify link down below, so get familiar with Lili, as she will be star pretty soon here!