A Conversation with Drew Swim

I wanted to try something different with this interview and add a visual to this. Mainly because I wanted to switch it up, I also believe some visual content nowadays does better than long written forms of work. I had the pleasure of interviewing Drew Swim, an emcee based out of Charlotte, North Carolina that makes “lifestyle” raps. If you aren’t familiar with this subgenre of rap then think of rappers like Curren$y, Larry June, Jay Worthy, and Primo Rice. I wanted to dive into Drew’s project for two reasons, the first is that being from North Carolina you don’t run into too many rappers in this lane. The second reason being is that I wanted to challenge myself to listen to something new. I’m really only a fan of a couple of lifestyle rappers and I wanted to dive deeper into exploring the sound so I started off with Drew. Below is an interview that we shot with us doing a live listening session and reaction to his project ‘Tokens & Collectibles’.

Watch the interview with Drew and me about his album and artistry below.