A Conversation with Anna Sofia

Canadian-based artist Anna Sofia is a bright light in this industry and this past week, I had an amazing opportunity to sit down and speak with her about life, space and everything in between! Today, the up and comer just dropped a spectacular song that is worth every listen! To get to know more about Anna Sofia, make sure you keep reading this conversation with her!

Sam: Tell me about your upbringing! I really want my kids to be involved in music, or at least have an appreciation for it and I think that helps when parents are musical as well, so tell me about your childhood! Were your parents musical/how did you stumble on what you do now as a career?

Anna Sofia: Alright, so my story is weird. Nobody in my family is musical. not one person. No one can sing. No one can play any instruments. I’m like the outcast of the family. We don’t know how this happened, but my family was in the restaurant business; They still are today as well and we own some restaurants in the resort that I stay at, but we also own some in the city, so  I lived with my family on top of one of our restaurants, which was a great restaurant ad my parents would be working downstairs. There was always a live band every single night, so, I would go down there and I would sit with the band and I would play this little toy guitar. I would refuse to go to bed because my parents would be working and I would sit their until my parents were finished working at like 3am and I would sit there and play the guitar. And I think that had a lot to do with my love for music, because literally I don’t know how it would’ve happened since no one in my family is a music person or anything. They all love music obviously, but I think it had a lot to do with it. So, I ended up loving music. I took piano lessons and started doing that and taking it more seriously. I started doing piano repertoire. Ww have royal conservatory here, so I started doing examinations. I was also a dancer too, so that played into my love for music, since I was always dancing to music. I did every kind of dance too. I was a tapper and jazz, ballet. I then started doing all of that at a competitive level and that got me to a great level of knowing both piano and dance. Within the mix of it all, I always loved to sing, so I started to add signing to the mix. I would sing at community events and then I would dance at dance competitions. I then realized that I wanted to stick with singing and kind of just not do dance and piano as serious. I still use piano all of the time and dance of course, because they tie in to what  I do, but I started taking singing a lot more serious  and I started writing my own music!

Sam: What did your family think of it all, since they weren’t musical? Were they supportive?

Anna Sofia: They were really really supportive. My parents are super supportive when it comes to anything that I want to do. I stayed in school, so this is my last year of High School, so I’m done in a month and free! I wanted to do that and just finish, but my parents have been really supportive through it. My mom will drive me to the city like every single day since we live 2 hours outside of it. My family comes with me wherever I go; So anytime I go to LA, my parents come. I have a really great relationship with my parents and it’s just nice to have that.

Sam: Are you the only child?

Anna Sofia: Haha, yeah I am.

Sam: How was that for you growing up?

Anna Sofia: I have a HUGE family. Being Greek, I have a massive family, so there are cousins on cousins on cousins and it gets crazy, so I had that kind of sibling feel from my cousins and you know being at home, my house always seemed so hectic even though it was only the three of us. I never had that feeling of being alone and sad and wanting company. I was also involved in so many after school activities, so I never had the chance to be alone. And now that I’m older and I have no siblings to bother me, I’m like, this is kind of nice!

Sam: I love that! How has it been doing music full-time while trying to finish High School? That’s like a whole entire Hannah Montana situation! Wha’s that been like?

Anna Sofia: It’s been tough. I’m on my last month and all I have is music class, so it’s not hard now, but it was hard. There were some tough situations, especially before Covid, I was always gone and was never at school. I remember my first EP, I had Frank Dukes on a track and it was just funny. I just flew home from LA and I was in science class grade 10 and my teacher is like screaming at me to put my phone away and I’m over here literally texting Frank about my song as she’s getting so mad! Two totally different worlds. I would be in LA, I’d be doing my music stuff, then I would come home and just be like, me again. now that its almost done, I’m pretty relieved, but every one from the most part, like my friends were cray supportive, always sending me work if I needed it. Some teachers were not the best, but most teachers were. It was just hard on my part to finish an assignment and have to go to a session and then factoring in the time difference. It was a big blob of insanity.

Sam: What was your creative process like during all of this? How did you take an idea and turn it into a song?

Anna Sofia: So, my technique right now that I have and I find works very well for me… I listen to a bunch of music and I have a note in my notes app of all the songs that I love and however Im feeling that day, I’ll pick a song from the notes and then make a song inspired by that song; so thats what I do. I also drive to the studio for two hours and I go through all of the songs and I pick the one that speaks to me the most that day and I’ll go in the studio and write a song that I’m inspired by that day.

Sam: That’s sick, so who are some of your favorite musical idols?

Anna Sofia: My favorite artists of all time that I will forever look up to are Elton John, Queen, Madonna and Michael Jackson! Those are my all-time favorites!

Sam: Okay, I love that! Im going to switch gears really quickly, because I’m always curious to know this: What do you think you’d be doing if you weren’t doing music?

Anna Sofia: I love space exploration. I love learning about space and all of that kind of stuff. I think I would definitely be doing that if it weren’t for music. I still do it. I was ready to sign up for space camp like not that long ago. I love it. I think it’s really really interesting. IT’s cool to think about how tiny I am and relevant compared to everything out there. Sometimes it freaks  me out, but it’s great to get an understanding of what’s beyond my space and what I know. I just love all of it. Like Back Holes in space, I’ma Wizard at that shit. I think it’s just so cool.

Sam: That is the best thing ever. I could go on and on about topics like that as well! As we wind this down, I’d love to know what you’re most excited for when it comes to this next phase in your life?

Anna Sofia: Well I actually just got my vaccine yesterday! Um, I’m most excited for my new music that’s coming out. Through Covid, I was writing all of the time and I found a new part of myself during Covid even though everyone is saying that, but I really feel like there was a door that had been closed for my lifetime and I finally found it. I just feels so much better and more relieved and I know exactly what I want. I’m just really excited for the new music and for everyone to hear it and to be able to perform it.It’s completely different from what’s out right now!

Sam: So with that, last question: Tell me about this song that’s dropping tomorrow? What does it mean to you?

Anna Sofia: So, “Eat It All Up” is a song I wrote on zoom. It was weird, but I had written with these people before in person so it wasn’t as difficult. Basically, the song is about the issues you develop from a past relationship and bringing them into something new and kind of carrying that baggage with you. So, I talk a lot about trust issues from a past relationship and bringing them into a new relationship. It was my first relationship ever so it was a really weird thing to deal with. I didn’t really know much. I think I was like 15. It was just the confusion of trying to get our of a broken relationship and getting into a new one and opening up to a new person and being comfortable with that.