A Bowl of Unripe Fruit-[Matilda Lyn]

This has been a pretty light year for music, which in my opinion is a great thing, because it allows undeniably good artists to have their time to shine when it matters most. Someone who is primed and ready for a breakout is up and coming artist, Matilda Lyn.

The Swedish talent made it onto my radar a few weeks ago and hasn’t left my playlists/listening rotation since. Her debut track, “A Bowl of Unripe Fruit” is one of the most delicately crafted offerings that will leave you impressed in every way. When I first heard Matilda’s vocal tone, I was moved to my core, which is a response that most of you will have as well.

If you have time, make sure you watch the video attached below, that will give you music more context as to why we’re excited for Matilda’s future. Check out “A Bowl of Unripe Fruit” asap and let us know what you think!