99 Problems – [CHASETHEMONEY] [Babyface Ray] [Valee] & [MVW]

Valee has long been one of my favorite emcees to overtake the Chicago rap scene a handful of years ago, and although it seems like there hasn’t been a ton of buzz surrounding him in the recent past, I think he is just cooped up in the studio working on some amazing things, so I truly hope those come to fruition much sooner than later, but only time will tell.

Regardless, when he and CHASETHEMONEY work together, magic is literally always made and there is never a single miss which is hard to say for most artists, so it speaks volumes about their relationship and their knowledge of each other’s abilities. Throw in another talented producer who goes by the name MVW and another absolutely insanely talented emcee like Babyface Ray, and there is no way this song is anything less than a hit.

I know I even just wrote about a new release from Ray in my previous article, but this song entitled “99 Problems” is just too great to pass up, and it also shows off his versatility on various beats as well as next to different artists, so I had no choice. The instrumental is absolutely throbbing with energy thanks to chattering hats and claps alongside thumping, pulsating 808s that are perfect for both spitters despite their varying deliveries and vocal styles.

When Ray comes in first, he unsurprisingly remains as calm, cool, and collected as always, but it’s just so crazy to me that on a beat this energetic he can be so smooth. Valee might only take over the last third or so of the record, be he wastes no time getting into some ridiculously complex and unpredictable flows full of interesting wordplays and entertaining ad-libs to round out this track wonderfully. This group of artists is definitely a strong combination, and despite their subtle artistic differences, they made sure that “99 Problems” was an absolute banger, so make sure you don’t miss out on this one any longer.