99 Miles – [Billy Dukes] ft. [Tinyman] [Lex Amor] [Seinna]

From a burgeoning R&B/neo-soul scene to numerous pockets of hip-hop, London is home to several of my favorite artists right now, all of which have stemmed from simple curiosity. Seemingly every time I begin to do my research on the city’s current horizon of artists, I get stick in a wormhole of alluring acts, the most recent of which goes by the name of Billy Dukes,¬†comprised of London emcees Intalekt and GeeFree. Today, the duo is here to grace our pages with their refreshing new release, “99 Miles,” featuring Tinyman, Lex Amor, and Seinna.

5 minutes in length, “99 Miles” looks, feels, and sounds like a conversation between friends. One verse after another, it’s laid-back and gleefully eccentric, even transforming a folk sample into a mesmeric instrumental during the song’s opening seconds. As the release goes on, it becomes best identifiable as an acrobatic display of unique sounds, blending a wide range of cadences and flows under one common string of production. The result from such is a colorful, deeply soulful release, speaking to the art of how different artists tackle the same instrumental, all while maintaining their individualistic integrity along the way.

With this, “99 Miles” is guided by energy more than anything else. The intimacy of each verse leds to seamless transitions from one artist to another, and furthermore, the cohesivity of the song is a product of each artist being on the exact same page, equal parts charismatic as they are emotive.

Bringing this one full circle, “99 Miles” joins together a sampler plate of some of London’s finest artists, creating the perfect introduction point for overseas listeners such as myself. This one is truly something special, so don’t miss out. Stream the latest from Billy Dukes and co. below!

Produced by Intalekt